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Normally with other delivery or service apps, you don’t know anything about the person handling your requests. Anyone can just download an app and start working. Not at Air-Rands. We interview and background check all of our runners and staffers ensuring you get experienced, top-level service when using Air-Rands.

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AirRands staff is a group of students, office workers, parents ..... PEOPLE, who have all found that they need help doing things around their lives.

We are Students.

The students scrambling between classes,without reliable transport.We needed help


So we made AirRands

We Are Workers.

Working 9 to 5 and then some.  There just isn't time to get everything done before close. We needed help.


So we made AiRrands

We are Parents

A parent of two juggling the spinning plates of job and family life, we needed help


So we made AiRrands


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Who We Are

Air-Rands is a family-owned business with you in mind.  Our company runs because of people like you, who understand the need for a little extra help from day-to-day.  Air-Rands allows for you to be consumer and runner, using our service for your AirRands, or completing tasks to earn extra income.

How It Works

Air-Rands is an on-demand personal assistant service that allows you to fit your daily errands into your busy schedule.  We understand that at times, there is just not enough time in the day.  Let us handle your daily tasks, so you can enjoy more of your time and freedom.

Where We Can Go

Air-Rands can go anywhere you can go!  As your on-demand service, we want to help you complete your tasks to free up your time.  As long as a retail membership  is not required, Air-Rands can complete your task!