More than just a delivery service.

Air-Rands is an on-demand service for a variety of needs.

Shopping & Delivery

Our partners can go anywhere you can go, within reason, to buy and deliver anything you can. 

Home Cleaning

Our partners handle a multitude of cleaning task that you come up with. 

Household Tasks

Our partners are there to help during all the seasonal and non-seasonal house hold task that you need around the home. 

Special Order

Sometimes the thing you need help with is totally do-able but you can't quite find the service, well we can help with that too. 




Scheduling AirRands is as easy as making a list. When need something done you simply go in the app and select the type of AirRand that you want, then you let us know what you want us to do and if you have any special instructions. You will then set your budget and tell us where you need us to go. Then you let us know when you want it done, and we find you someone close by. Once we find someone, we will let you know who it is and send them on their way. 

Knowing What/Where we can go

We can go pretty much any where. Some rules stop us from going places like bulk goods stores because they require memberships and we can not cross state or international borders. Apart from those things regular city, state, and federal laws apply. 



Selecting Jobs

When you've set up your account and you ready to run AirRands you will be able to search for jobs that are coming up in the future and get notifications of jobs that are ready to be started near you.

Paying for goods

One of the biggest concerns is "How do I pay for all of this?". Well don't worry because all goods will be paid for by the clients and passed to you via your AirRands card. You will never need to exchange cash and never need to look for payment. You will be able to do your jobs knowing that you have everything you need to get the job done.